The ranking Democrat on the Senate Banking Committee released a lengthy report Monday accusing the Trump administration of systematically undermining 50 years of fair housing progress.

The report, released by Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio), accused the administration of ignoring the government’s fair housing obligations as established in the 1968 Fair Housing Act.

“More than 50 years after Congress passed the Fair Housing Act, access to housing remains unequal,” Brown said. “This is not an accident. This is by design. The inequities we see today are the legacy of government policies and systemic discrimination on the financial system that made it difficult for Black and brown households to achieve access to equal housing opportunities.”

The Black homeownership rate is currently 47%, while the Latino homeownership rate is 51%, according to the report. The white homeownership rate, meanwhile, is 71%. The inequity, the report said, is a lingering after-effect of “decades of government policies and discrimination in the financial system that blocked Black and brown households from achieving equal housing opportunity.”

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