Today, U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) and 10 of his Congressional colleagues released a report that shows a dramatic increase in the marketing of electronic cigarettes – or e-cigarettes – to youth through candy and fruit flavored products, social media, and sponsorship of youth-oriented events.

The report, “Gateway to Addiction? A Survey of Popular Electronic Cigarette Manufacturers and Marketing to Youth,” was compiled using responses from eight e-cigarette manufacturers and the lawmakers’ investigation of the industry through publicly available information.

“Big Tobacco can create new products with a fresh new image, but its goal remains the same: to market addictive—and harmful—products to children in order to replace the 480,000 customers it loses each year to tobacco-related deaths,” Brown said. “This report is further evidence that the Administration must act quickly to regulate electronic cigarettes. E-cigs contain toxic substances, use addictive nicotine, and are being marketed to children using practices now outlawed for traditional cigarettes.”

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