Lawmakers feeling the heat of angry voters are beginning to cast votes aimed at helping ease the crisis despite the threat of vetoes by President Bush.

Especially dramatic is the shift among Republicans who fear voter rage next November if they continue to follow Bush off the cliff. Just before they adjourned for a weeklong Memorial Day recess, the Senate voted 83-13 and the House 316-108 to override Bush’s veto of the long-stalled farm bill (the Food, Conservation and Energy Act of 2008).

Katie Ziegler, a spokesperson for the National Farmers Union, told the World that 73 percent of the funding in the farm bill is dedicated to nutrition programs like food stamps, the nutrition program for women and infant children (WIC), the school lunch program and the surplus food commodity program. “This legislation provides an immediate $50 million infusion that helps those food banks that have empty shelves and long lines of hungry people,” Ziegler said.

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