Securing a better deal for Ohio’s homeowners

The Clermont Sun

In 2011, Jeanne Brigner reached out to my office after her mortgage servicer misapplied her monthly mortgage payment – an action which led her into foreclosure. Unlike many Ohioans, Jeanne was able to keep her home, but only after paying thousands of dollars in unnecessary fees. Unfortunately, the state of mortgage servicing is so bad that Jeanne is considered one of the lucky ones

Last week, in Columbus, Youngstown, and Toledo, I heard from Jeanne and other homeowners who were unjustly foreclosed on – upending families and economically depressing local communities. We all know the devastation that foreclosures inflict on our communities, homeowners, and families.

From fraudulent legal documents to scheming mortgage servicers, U.S. homeowners have endured egregious violations by big banks. Enough is enough.

In 2010, America discovered that the same Wall Street banks that had brought our economy to the brink of collapse were taking advantage of homeowners to pad their own pockets.

While one in 10 Ohioans was out-of-work, the nation’s largest banks were generating billions in profits by ignoring the law and foreclosing on homeowners who were trying their hardest to pay their bills on time. And today, middle-class families are still suffering from mortgage lenders’ malfeasance.

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