Senator Sherrod Brown said in a press briefing Thursday that he is proposing legislation to ramp up production of personal protective equipment. He says production of PPE was not supported by the federal government the way it should’ve been at the start of the pandemic. Now that’s affecting the community as whole, he says, leading to more sickness and negatively impacting the economy.

“This pandemic has revealed – it’s been called the great revealer. It’s revealed racial disparities in this country. It’s revealed our lack of preparedness for a nationwide health crisis. The president, since March, since February really, has failed in his response to the pandemic. Too many of our front-line workers and healthcare providers have experienced PPE shortages, and as a result, many of them have gotten sick.”

Since the spring, President Trump has praised federal response to the crisis and has touted a quick response in making sure healthcare workers were equipped with the PPE they needed.

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