Sen. Brown recognizes ECC on the Senate floor

Energize Clinton County

As some of you  may remember, a few weeks ago we joined Sen. Sherrod Brown (OH) in a conference call to discuss the Serve America Act. We were honored that we were asked by Sen. Brown to join him in promoting this very important increase in funding for domestic service work, and are thrilled to report that the bill has been passed by the House and the Senate and is scheduled to be signed by President Obama later this month.

We are now honored to share with you this video that we recently discovered of Sen. Brown recognizing Energize Clinton County on the floor of the Senate while advocating for the passage of the Serve America Act. We are humbled by this show of support from Sen. Brown, and inspired to fulfill the great call to service represented by this bill and Sen. Brown’s call to action.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to Sen. Brown for his support.

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Sen. Brown recognizes ECC on the Senate floor »