Across Ohio, I’ve heard the same story again and again. People lose their jobs—then they lose their health insurance.  After that, they lose their home or apartment because they can’t afford the mortgage or rent.

The best way to get our economy back on track and reduce our deficit is to get people working again. Most people would rather be collecting a paycheck than collecting unemployment insurance.

I’ve received letters from Ohioans who have sent dozens of résumés a week looking for a job across the state and across the country. These are Ohioans who are hungry to get back to work.

But according to a recent report from the National Employment Law Project (NELP), some employers, staffing agencies, and online job sites are saying that if you don’t have a job, you can’t even apply for an open position.

According to the report, some American employers and staffing agencies are using recruitment and hiring policies that expressly deny unemployed Americans from being considered for positions. Staffing agencies say employers instruct them to look through résumés from people currently working—and not the unemployed. Some jobs explicitly require current employment as a requirement for just applying for an available job.

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