LORAIN — Sen. Sherrod Brown is urging federal flood recovery resources for Ohio’s flooded counties, including Lorain County.

Brown today sent a letter to Ohio Gov. John Kasich offering to assist in securing any flood recovery money available from Washington.

Ohio’s governor must file a request for a federal major disaster declaration to help flood-affected counties, including Lorain, Cuyahoga, Geauga, Auglaize, Ashland, Richland, Morrow and Hancock counties.

If federal officials approve the federal disaster areas, the counties are eligible to get more federal money for cleaning up, recovery and flood-related damages.

“Dozens of cities and towns across Ohio, particularly in northern Ohio, were seriously impacted by flooding this week, and hundreds of homeowners and small businesses are struggling to deal with the aftermath,” Brown said. “At a time when local government budgets are already stretched to the breaking point, especially considering Ohio’s heavy snowfall this year, federal assistance would go a long way toward assisting in the cleanup and recovery.

“I stand prepared to assist Gov. Kasich in securing a federal disaster declaration so that our state can receive the maximum aid available to help Ohioans dealing with flood-related damages,” Brown said.

Kasich said he will consider requests from the counties, but has not received any so far, his press secretary Rob Nichols said.

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