LIMA — Husky workers on strike told U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown on Saturday they want to return to work but only if the administration agrees to meet their safety concerns.

“It’s not about wages, it’s not even about benefits, it’s really about safety,” Brown said after talking with members of United Steelworkers union Local 624, which represents more than 200 workers on strike at Husky.

Union members told Brown the company wants to fight every safety grievance union members make, Brown said.

“I’m hoping the company can look at things from the worker’s perspective in terms of safety. The workers understand the safety issues because they’re doing it every day,” he said.

Brown said companies should have learned from the fight over state Issue 2 last year that the middle class is fighting back and wants economic prosperity again.

“They don’t need to go after worker rights or women’s rights. We all need to work across party lines to do things right. That should have been the lesson from last fall,” he said.