A U.S. Senator says he has a plan to jump-start key projects like replacing the Brent-Spence Bridge. Senator Sherrod Brown proposes a bill to create a federal infrastructure bank. It's a potential source of money in times when money is definitely hard to come by. Local 12 news reporter Jeff Hirsh has a look at how this bank is supposed to work. 

The Brent Spence Bridge opened in 1963, and is now carrying twice the daily traffic load it was designed for. It routinely backs up during rush hour ... and can be dangerous. Senator Brown says his plan would improve safety, and create jobs. At a construction project at a nearby hospital, people say replacing the Brent Spence would be a real boost."It would get a lot of our members back to work. It's been slow lately, put food on the table for people." 

Senator Sherrod Brown says the way to get the Brent Spence project moving is through a federal infrastructure bank. That bank would provide loans or loan guarantees for governments or private organizations to build major capital projects nationwide.  "And Congress has spent too much time focusing on budgets, as important as it is to deal with the deficit, and not nearly enough time on ideas putting people back to work. We're not going to cut our way into prosperity, we're going to have to grow our way into prosperity."

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