Hiring has begun for an expansion at DuPont in Circleville, a site that Sen. Sherrod Brown chose yesterday as the venue to renew his call for greater government aid for such projects.

DuPont is adding 70 jobs to the plant to produce Tedlar, a thin film used in solar panels. The $175 million expansion is receiving $50.7 million from the Advanced Energy Manufacturing Tax Credit, part of the federal economic-stimulus program.

"I encourage you to keep going ... and keep doing what you're doing to bring this economy back," Brown said.

The plant has 486 employees, 16 of whom started Monday. In addition, as many as 230 construction workers are drawing a paycheck on the expansion project, which is scheduled to be completed near the end of next summer.

"I'm real excited to be on the ground floor of something like this," said Rob Marshall of Chillicothe, one of the new employees.

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