Tackling fraud against seniors

Senator Sherrod Brown discusses a new bill to prevent senior scams.


(East Cleveland)- Seniors 60 and older are targets for fraud, and now Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown is working with seniors to try and prevent financial scams.

A workshop held by KeyBank took place Monday at McGregor, a senior living facility in East Cleveland, where Brown discussed a new bill called the Senior Financial Empowerment Act. It would help protect seniors by getting rid of social security numbers on Medicare cards. It would also get the FBI more involved in identity theft and provide additional educational resources to seniors.

Here are some tips so you don't become a victim:

Keep an eye on your credit cards at all time.

Check all your bank and credit card statements on a regular basis for accuracy.

Shred all credit card statements, receipts and solicitations before throwing them away.

Never reveal your financial information to someone who calls you on the phone.

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