Move over medal counts, world records and reigning champions. Style has surged into the spotlight in the days leading up to the London Olympics.

By now, nearly everyone has heard about the controversy surrounding Ralph Lauren, which had the opening ceremony uniforms for Team USA made in China.
But America isn't the only country in a tizzy over its team's togs. Brits are underwhelmed by the athletic wear created for Team UK by designer Stella McCartney, daughter of former Beatle Paul McCartney. Some say her attempt at a fresh take on the Union Jack flag by incorporating turquoise and reserving red for accents on sleeves, collars and shoes was a flop. "Too blue" and tight-fitting were among the most common laments circulating in cyberspace.

In Spain, athletes have taken jabs on Twitter at the parade uniforms by Russian-based firm Bosco. Rather than inspiring thoughts of patriotism, the red-and-yellow get-ups have many thinking pizza delivery person, thanks to the bright color combo, busy print and striped details on sleeves and collars.

Meanwhile, Russia's Olympic Committee has been battling rumors that it contacted American Apparel to outfit its athletes for the 2014 Olympics.

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