BRYAN — When the wind blows northwest, all of Bryan smells like candy, and the town’s residents try and guess which flavor of Dum Dums the Spangler Candy Factory is cranking out that day.

The sweet aroma intensifies the closer one gets to the Portland Street candy factory where Sen. Sherrod Brown celebrated Thursday morning passage of the Butch Lewis Act, a years-long effort that secured 30 years of pension payments for workers and retirees participating in endangered pension plans -- including Spangler employees whom Mr. Brown credits with raising his awareness of the pension crisis.

“This is important for Bryan, for Toledo, for all over this country,” Mr. Brown said, flanked by Spangler’s flagship Dum Dums, Circus Peanuts, and new acquisition Bit-O-Honey. “There were more than a million families who were about to lose 20, 30, 50 percent of their pensions.”

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