U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, recently announced that a U.S. Department of Agriculture voluntary product certification and labeling program for bio-based products will take effect tomorrow. The 2008 Farm Bill directed USDA to create a voluntary program that will clearly identify bio-based products made from renewable resources, and will promote the increased sale and use of these products in the commercial market and for consumers. Senator Brown supported the inclusion of the Bio-based Labeling Program in the 2008 Farm Bill.  

"Bio-based labeling helps Ohio's farmers and consumers by highlighting the new and innovative products that are made from agricultural commodities," Brown says. "USDA's Bio-Preferred Program, which I was proud to support in the Farm Bill, will increase the sale of Ohio crops, create jobs, and bolster Ohio's standing as a leader in agriculture and technology."

"The Ohio Soybean Association is very excited that the final rule for USDA's BioPreferred Program is being published this week," says Jeff Wuebker, Ohio Soybean Association president and Darke County soybean farmer.  "This program will benefit a growing bio-based product industry both nationally and statewide.  A large number of bio-based products are made in Ohio from soybeans, so expanding this market is a benefit to all Ohio soybean farmers, and can help create economic development and jobs for all Ohioans.  We thank Senator Brown for his support of this program and other biobased initiatives."

Bio-based products are those composed wholly or significantly of biological ingredients, including soybeans or other renewable plant, animal, marine or forestry materials.  The new label indicates that the product has been certified to meet USDA standards for a prescribed amount of bio-based content.  The final rule applies to product manufacturers and distributors who wish to label products with USDA's distinctive product mark.

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