At the Russ Research Center in Beavercreek, 30 kids between the ages of 12 and 16 are building robots with the help of mentors.

People use saws to cut polymers and large chunks of metal. It’s all part of a weeklong manufacturing camp sponsored by Ohio University, Sen. Sherrod Brown and a handful of industry partners.

Ross McNutt is one of the mentors at this week’s camp.

"They’re making a robot base," he says. "So, we’re cutting out the aluminum so that they can actually use that to mount their motors and their controls and their sensors and everything else on so that each kid can have their own little robot."

For young people across Ohio, September is a time to head back to school and share stories of summer vacation. This fall, some Miami Valley students can brag about building robots at a camp intended to spark interest in high-tech manufacturing, an industry that faces a shortage of skilled workers.

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