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  • August 04, 2011

    — by Brian Gadd
    NORWICH -- In 1998 Lumi-Lite Candle Co. employed as many as 550 people. Today, that number stands at 15. George Pappas Sr., Lumi-Lite president, said the decline is strictly because of cheaper, foreign-made candles being imported. A recent decision by the U.S. Department of Commerce to change the scope of a previous anti-dumping duty order on... Read More
  • August 04, 2011

    YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio -- Displaced workers at Boardman Molded Products Inc., a subsidiary of Kessler Marketing Group, are eligible to apply for worker adjustment assistance, U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown announced Wednesday. Certification was approved by the U.S. Department of Labor for the more than 50 workers at Kessler, Brown, D-Ohio, said. Workers engaged... Read More
  • August 04, 2011

    — by Bryan Bullock
    MANSFIELD -- MedCentral/Mansfield Hospital will qualify for Medicare reimbursements on par with those received by Columbus-area hospitals, a change that could bring an additional $6 million a year to the facility. The announcement came in a news release issued this week by Sen. Sherrod Brown's office. "Because of its unique placement in Richland... Read More
  • August 03, 2011

    — by John Kosich
    WASHINGTON, D.C. - Ohio Senators Rob Portman and Sherrod Brown may sit on different sides of the aisle but their votes Tuesday were in the same column in support of the plan to raise the nation’s debt ceiling. With the threat of economic default removed for now and a bipartisan congressional committee set to take up the issue of reforming... Read More
  • August 03, 2011

    U.S. Rep. Mike Turner’s press secretary said Tuesday it’s not known whether cutbacks in national security spending in the new debt limit law will jeopardize the testing of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) — something currently being pursued for the Wilmington Air Park by Turner and others. The final version of the Budget Control... Read More
  • August 03, 2011

    WAVERLY -- Pike County farmer Daniel Corcoran has been appointed to serve a three-year term on the United Soybean Board by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, said the appointment came from the USDA secretary and Corcoran joins 19 newly appointed members from across the country on the board. The board, authorized by... Read More
  • August 03, 2011

    A veteran in Cincinnati recently wrote to me that, "it is good to know we are not forgotten." There are more than 930,000 veterans in Ohio who have made tremendous sacrifices for our country. Members of the Armed Forces leave their families, endure great stress, and put their lives on the line for us. And, they do not ask for much in return - just... Read More
  • July 30, 2011

    — by Lauren Evans
    COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Senator Sherrod Brown told NBC4’s Marcus Thorpe Saturday that he thinks the House and Senate are very close to reaching a deal on cost-cutting and the debt ceiling. Each chamber has passed a version of a law to raise the debt ceiling. The opposite house has rejected each version, which means the two sides have to be... Read More
  • July 29, 2011

    — by Michael Scott
    WASHINGTON, D.C.-  More good news for the restoration of Lake Erie. Right on the heels of Thursday's announcement that the House of Representatives had agreed to restore 2012 Great Lakes Restoration Initiative funding to the same $300 million level from this fiscal year, a public-private partnership announced a $1 million grant for... Read More
  • July 29, 2011

    — by Jennifer Baligush
    YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio - If the country goes into default, what will that mean for local governments and the people who live in the Valley? 21 News posed the question to people who attended a special GM Lordstown open house Thursday. Some retirees say they fear their incomes would decrease dramatically if the ongoing debt debate in Washington is not... Read More
  • July 29, 2011

    — by Malia Rulon
    WASHINGTON -- If Sen. Sherrod Brown had his way, there would be one thing that never should bear a "Made in China" tag: the American flag. Under current law, 50 percent of each American flag bought by the federal government must be made from American-made materials. A bill from Brown, D-Ohio, that unanimously passed the Senate late Wednesday,... Read More
  • July 28, 2011

    — by DBJ Staff
    Many Ohio manufacturers should benefit as 14 bio-based product categories are now eligible for federal procurement preference. The move expands business opportunities for Ohio-manufactured products made with agricultural products. Biobased products are composed wholly or significantly of biological ingredients — renewable plant, animal,... Read More
  • July 28, 2011

    — by By Karl Henkel and William K. Alcorn
    YOUNGSTOWN The deadline for the U.S. to raise its debt ceiling is nearing, and that worries U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown. Brown, a Democrat from Avon, said a potential “unnecessary” default would be devastating to Ohioans, who receive billions of dollars in federal aid for programs like Social Security. The Senate has less than a week before the U.S.... Read More
  • July 26, 2011

    — by Chronicle-Telegram Staff
    U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown is encouraging Ohioans to seek nomination from his office to U.S. military service academies for 2011 admission. Each year, Brown, D-Avon, nominates up to 10 students for each service academy: the U.S. Air Force Academy, the U.S. Naval Academy, the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and the Merchant Marine... Read More
  • July 24, 2011

    One of the frustrations of the current economy involves the skills gap. Employers report that even with unemployment at 9.2 percent nationally, they have difficulty finding qualified applicants for job openings in their companies. Part of the evidence is anecdotal, say, machine shops citing positions going unfilled. Others offer a broader... Read More
  • July 22, 2011

    Memorial Day at the end of May and Veterans Day on Nov. 11 are fine holidays, but sometimes it seems as if the nation’s veterans of present and long-ago wars are out of sight and out of mind the other 363 days of the year. And so, reading three stories in two editions of The Vindicator earlier this week was bittersweet. Sweet... Read More
  • July 21, 2011

    — by William Laney
    A bill, which is being introduced on the U.S. Senate floor by a legislator from Ohio, is aimed at helping the unemployed receive the training desired by high growth industries. The Strengthening Employment Clusters to Organize Regional Success (SECTORS) Act attempts to address the disparity between the nation’s high unemployment rate and... Read More
  • July 21, 2011

    Tobacco company rep David Howard waxes enthusiastic when he talks about a new product his employer, R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co., has developed: a pellet of finely cured tobacco, binders and flavoring that dissolves in the mouth in 10 minutes. Under test market in two U.S. cities — Denver and Charlotte, N.C. — Camel... Read More
  • July 19, 2011

    — by George Nelson
    YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio -- Returning veterans should be able to apply the skills they acquired while serving their country to find work when they come back home, U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown says.  That's the rationale behind the Hiring Heroes Act of 2011, legislation that recently cleared the Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs, on which Brown serves,... Read More
  • July 18, 2011

    — by staff report
    U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown told members of the Fraternal Order of Police union that a “pretty small group of radicals” is attacking the collective bargaining abilities of public employees in Ohio and other parts of the country. Brown, speaking Monday morning at the FOP’s annual statewide meeting at the Memorial Civic Center, said... Read More