It’s simple: American tax dollars should go toward American-made products that support American jobs. Period.

Ohio communities need infrastructure investment, and they need it to be made by Ohio workers, with raw materials made in Ohio.

That’s why I worked with my colleagues, including Senator Portman and Congressman Ryan, to reintroduce our bipartisan Build America Buy America Act. It would apply Buy America rules to all taxpayer-funded infrastructure and public works projects.

Ohio workers are making the iron, steel, aluminum, and other raw materials that can rebuild schools and bridges, build new energy-efficient homes, upgrade our water and transit systems, and bring broadband to more communities. We need rules that are tough, thorough, and effective, because when we say Buy America, we mean Buy America – not “import a steel slab from China, make it into a pipe, and call it American Made.”

Senator Portman and I worked together to introduce this legislation before, but the former administration ignored it. This year we have a real chance to get it done. President Biden is committed to Buy America. On his fifth day in office he issued an executive order directing federal agencies to toughen Buy America requirements. He also created the first federal “Made in America” director to coordinate efforts across the federal government, and this week he named a trade and labor expert to that job, who has experience fighting for American workers.

When we ensure our tax dollars are spent on American products, those dollars go further in the economy. We employ more workers, who spend in local businesses and lift everyone up.

I’m hopeful that in the coming years, we’ll see more investment in Ohio, and more products stamped “Made in America.”