December 2017

Protecting Ohio Seniors from Medicare Cuts
Getting Our Veterans the Healthcare They Deserve
Protecting Healthcare for Ohio Children

November 2017

Let’s Cut Middle Class Taxes
Protecting the Pensions Ohio Retirees Earned
Selling Ohio Products Abroad and Creating Jobs

October 2017

Protecting Ohio Seniors from Rising Healthcare Cost
Blocking Foreign Investors from Hurting Ohio Jobs
Growing Ohio’s Local Farm Economies
Investing in State of the Art Schools

September 2017

Protecting Ohioans Harmed by Equifax

August 2017

Improving the Education Benefits Veterans Have Earned
It’s Time to Work Together

July 2017

Protecting Ohioans from Wall Street Scams
Giving Ohioans a Raise

June 2017

Protecting Our Troops from Financial Predators
‘Everything Pharmaceutical Companies Hate’
Introducing Ohio’s Next Generation to Manufacturing

May 2017

Honoring Ohio Law Enforcement
Not Another Bailout