July 2017

Giving Ohioans a Raise

June 2017

Protecting Our Troops from Financial Predators
‘Everything Pharmaceutical Companies Hate’
Introducing Ohio’s Next Generation to Manufacturing

May 2017

Honoring Ohio Law Enforcement
Not Another Bailout
Ohio Jobs Are Not Up for Negotiation
Valuing Work and the People Who Do It

April 2017

The Best Ideas Come From Ohio
Veterans Should Be Our Priority

March 2017

Stopping Deadly Opioids at the Border
Caring for Those Who Care for Our Veterans
Strengthening Medicare and Saving Seniors Money
President Trump is Right, If We Can’t Fix the WTO, We Should Go Around It

February 2017

Fighting for Ohio’s Rural Communities
Stopping Surprise Hospital Bills
Standing Up to Russia

January 2017

21st Century Infrastructure for a 21st Century Economy
A Winning Trade Agenda
Getting the Job Done for Ohio