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  • December 16, 2013

    We are a nation of builders and innovators.  Harnessing that creative energy, manufacturing created a middle class that strengthened our communities and provided opportunity for countless Americans. Manufacturing helped make the middle class.  In fact, manufacturing jobs have a larger multiplier effect than any other industry. For every... Read More
  • December 09, 2013

    Last week, I traveled to schools around the state to hear from students, nurses, parents, and health professionals about what severe allergic reactions can mean when they occur unexpectedly in a classroom, playground, or sports field. These severe allergic reactions – known as anaphylaxis – can occur within minutes of exposure to any... Read More
  • December 02, 2013

    In Ohio, one out of every seven jobs is connected to growing, processing, or distributing the food we eat and the products we use every day. In fact, agriculture and food contribute more than $107 billion dollars to our state’s economy each year. That’s why, when I talk to farmers around the state, I hear how important the farm bill is... Read More
  • November 19, 2013

    In Ohio, we know that manufacturing is a ticket to the middle class. But for too long, Washington has made choices that leave domestic manufacturing behind – whether it’s bad trade deals, not enforcing trade laws, unfair taxes, or not investing in innovation and technology. As a result, our nation has suffered more than 60,000 plant... Read More
  • November 12, 2013

    As a grandfather of two, with one more grandchild on the way, I appreciate what a wonderful gift it is when grandparents can spend more time with their grandchildren by living longer and healthier lives – which happened, in part, because we, as a nation, invested in Social Security. Today, almost 63 million Americans receive Social Security... Read More
  • September 23, 2013

    In less than two weeks, enrollment begins for the health law’s new insurance marketplace, allowing almost one million Ohioans to become eligible for financial assistance to purchase quality, affordable health insurance. Starting October 1, Ohioans without insurance, or those who would like to change their insurance plans, can shop for health... Read More
  • September 16, 2013

    Five years ago, the collapse of Lehman Brothers put our economy on the brink of collapse and jeopardized the savings and pensions of millions of Americans. The Lehman Brothers collapse was significant for another reason as well. Because the federal government bailed out other financial institutions before and after Lehman’s failure, it set a... Read More
  • September 09, 2013

    Labor Day, which we celebrated last week, shouldn’t simply mark the end of summer. It should also mark the beginning of our renewed commitment to fighting for American workers and strengthening our middle class. Last week, I received an email from Bill Ross, an Ohio business leader, explaining what Labor Day means to him. He wrote, I grew up... Read More
  • September 03, 2013

    On August 28, 1963, an Ohio River Valley native stood on the marble steps of the Lincoln Memorial with Jewish, Catholic, and Protestant leaders of many ethnicities, races, and ages. They gathered to share their stories – and to call on our country to live up to its ideals. Fifty-years ago, a young, red-haired auto-worker and labor organizer... Read More
  • September 02, 2013

    For generations, hardworking Americans have left their homes every morning – and some at night – to earn an honest living, to provide for their loved ones, and to ensure their children have enough food, clothes, and education to thrive. Steelworkers, nurses, mechanics, teachers, and plumbers weren’t always treated with the dignity... Read More
  • August 19, 2013

    Recently, I had the honor of meeting with Ohio veterans in Toledo, Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus, Cleveland, and Youngstown. These heroes who have made tremendous sacrifices for our country do not ask for much in return – just the benefits they have earned and deserve. Yet, like many other veterans, each veteran I met with last week knows that... Read More
  • July 29, 2013

    With baseball season in full swing, Ohio families hosting friends for an Indians or Reds game may have to pay more for beer and soft drinks – all because Wall Street megabanks have found another way to game the system. At one time, banks were just banks. They made loans and they held checking and savings accounts. But nearly 20 years ago,... Read More
  • July 15, 2013

     Last week, I heard from Daniel Brewer, a Navy veteran from Cincinnati who could not find a good paying job after returning from Afghanistan. Though Daniel had substantial training in the Navy, moving home to Ohio, he had trouble translating his skills into the civilian workforce. Daniel’s experience is all too common. Time and time... Read More
  • July 01, 2013

    Last week, I heard from Lynsay Spratlen, a Macedonia native and Ashland University graduate who is currently working at a tech firm in Summit County. Like many recent college graduates who see most of their income going to pay off high-interest private student loans, Lynsay lives with her parents. Even though new graduates are entering into a... Read More
  • June 24, 2013

    The United States is a nation of immigrants. From the transcontinental railroad to today’s technological advancements on the information superhighway, immigrants have helped to build our nation. The solution to the immigration challenges we face won’t be simple, but now is the time to take a commonsense approach to immigration reform.... Read More
  • June 17, 2013

    For too many Ohio children, summer break doesn’t just mean a break from homework; it also means a break from a dependable source of nutritious food. That’s because for more than 800,000 Ohio children, hunger isn’t something that happens in another country. Many of these children come from families that are food... Read More
  • June 12, 2013

    We all know trade matters for Ohioans, and for manufacturers and middle-class workers throughout the country. That’s because when we increase our exports, manufacturers can increase their bottom line. But, our growing trade deficit keeps our domestic companies on the defensive.  In fact, last week, new U.S.-China trade deficit figures... Read More
  • June 03, 2013

    Last week in Dayton, I met 17 year-old Tyree Horn—a recent high school graduate and a recent victim of cell phone theft. Ohioans, like Tyree, should be able to focus on their lives —on school and work.  They shouldn’t have to think twice about using their cell phone in their daily routine. However, Tyree was leaving work when... Read More
  • May 28, 2013

     Student loan debt now exceeds $1 trillion. That’s more than credit card debt. That’s more than auto loans. In fact, student loan debt is only second to mortgage debt in this country. That’s unconscionable. Students and their families should not have to sign away their financial futures in order to get a good education. Yet... Read More
  • May 20, 2013

    Ohio has always been a water-rich state. Access to our state’s many bodies of water attracted early settlers and supported generations of farmers and fishermen, manufacturers, and boaters. Today, our harbors and waterways contribute billions of dollars to our state’s economy, and Ohio’s harbors alone directly support more than... Read More