June 2018

Introducing Ohio's Next Generation to Manufacturing
Guarding against China's Security Threats

May 2018

Honoring Ohio Law Enforcement
Strengthening the VA
Cracking Down on Fentanyl

April 2018

Protecting Net Neutrality
Ohio’s Budget Victories

March 2018

Protecting Ohio Jobs from Offshoring
Insurance Companies Need to Step Up to Fight Opioid Epidemic
Protecting Workers’ Hard-Earned Tips

February 2018

Fighting Unfair Trade
Protecting Veterans from VA Accounting Mistakes
Saving the Pensions Ohioans Earned

January 2018

Fighting Against Unfair Trade

December 2017

Protecting Ohio Seniors from Medicare Cuts
Getting Our Veterans the Healthcare They Deserve
Protecting Healthcare for Ohio Children

November 2017

Let’s Cut Middle Class Taxes
Protecting the Pensions Ohio Retirees Earned
Selling Ohio Products Abroad and Creating Jobs