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  • May 03, 2017

    Last week, we commemorated Workers’ Memorial Day, to recognize the sacrifices American workers have made for our country. Throughout our nation’s history, workers have risked their lives down in mines, in factories, on constructions sites and farms, and so many places, to put food on the table, create better lives for their families,... Read More
  • April 19, 2017

    One of my most important jobs as your senator is listening to the Ohioans I represent. I’ve spent the past several weeks hosting roundtables across our state – I recently hosted my 300th Ohio roundtable. I talked with manufacturing workers in Cleveland and autoworkers in Toledo. I heard from local leaders about their bus system in... Read More
  • April 12, 2017

    It’s our duty to ensure that when the men and women in uniform who sacrifice so much for our nation return home, they and their families have the education and the training they’ve earned. The GI bill’s education benefits are critical to our returning servicemembers and their families. But veterans have a limited amount of time... Read More
  • March 27, 2017

    The opioid addiction epidemic takes far too many lives and destroys too many families across Ohio, and one of the biggest culprits of the deadly overdoses on the rise in our state is the drug fentanyl. This deadly synthetic opioid is fifty times stronger than heroin, and is often trafficked in from China through Mexico. Overdoses from fentanyl have... Read More
  • March 21, 2017

    One of my most sacred jobs as your senator is standing up for the men and women who served our country in uniform, and the loved ones who support them. And when it comes to serving our veterans, our work is never done. I received a letter from Dannielle, of Wilmington, Ohio, whose father served our country in the Navy during the Vietnam War. She... Read More
  • March 13, 2017

    We need to do all we can to make Medicare more affordable and easier to use for Ohio seniors. One way we do that is by fixing the so-called “observation status” loophole that leaves too many seniors with bills they can’t afford. Under current law, Medicare will only cover skilled nursing care if the patient was in the... Read More
  • March 06, 2017

    Last week the Alliance for American Manufacturing released a new report confirming what many of us in Ohio have known for a long time – our international trade system isn’t working for American workers. The World Trade Organization – the WTO – was established in 1995 and was intended to set clear rules for international... Read More
  • February 27, 2017

    Ohioans who live in rural areas deserve the same access to high-quality health care as those who live in urban areas. But too many Ohioans who don’t live in big cities are left behind when it comes to their health, and policy-makers in Washington and Columbus don’t always appreciate the unique role that hospitals and health care... Read More
  • February 21, 2017

    Far too many Americans face out-of-control surprise medical bills, often for emergency care, despite the fact that they spend their hard-earned money on health insurance to protect them. Patients wake up from surgery, expecting to pay their standard co-pay, only to find out the anesthesiologist was out-of-network. A doctor sends a sample out for... Read More
  • February 13, 2017

    Last week we sent a clear, bipartisan message to President Trump that we should strengthen – not weaken – Russian sanctions, and that Congress must have a say on Russia policy. I joined a bipartisan group of colleagues, including Republican Senators John McCain, Marco Rubio, and Lindsay Graham, and Democrats Claire McCaskill and Ben... Read More
  • January 30, 2017

    Our parents and grandparents left us with a transportation system that was the envy of the world. They dreamed it, they planned it, and they built it – but we haven’t maintained it. Too many of our roads, bridges, and railways have fallen into disrepair. The quality of U.S. infrastructure now ranks just 16th in the world, according to... Read More
  • January 25, 2017

    I have spent the past two and a half decades fighting for a trade agenda that puts American workers first and allows Ohio companies to compete on a level playing field. That means holding countries like China accountable when they cheat the rules. We had several big victories in our fight for Ohio workers this month. First, the International Trade... Read More
  • January 09, 2017

    Ohioans, regardless of political party, expect their elected officials to represent the best interests of their constituents and to produce results on their behalf. When it comes to my work as a senator, the state of Ohio always comes first. Medill News Service recently released an article in which I ranked fourth on its list of senators with the... Read More
  • December 19, 2016

    No veteran should face living on the street or have trouble accessing benefits they earned. This month, Congress passed a bipartisan bill written by the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee to address these important issues. As a member of the Committee, I worked with colleagues on both sides of the aisle to include provisions to support... Read More
  • December 13, 2016

    “Buy American and hire American.” At a rally in Cincinnati this month, President-elect Trump used those words as he pledged to use American products and workers to carry out his infrastructure plan. Congress has encouraged this bipartisan idea for many years because it just makes sense. If we’re investing in our country’s... Read More
  • November 22, 2016

    I have spent the past two decades fighting bad trade deals that cost Ohio jobs. One of my first acts as a member of Congress was helping lead the charge against NAFTA, and that dedication to standing up for Ohio workers hasn’t changed, regardless of who is in the White House. Donald Trump made a lot of big promises during this campaign,... Read More
  • October 05, 2016

    Last month, we learned that Wells Fargo defrauded tens of thousands of customers, opening as many as two million unauthorized accounts and saddling victims with nearly $2.5 million in fees. This is an outrageous abuse of hardworking families across the country, including here in Ohio. We need to get to the bottom of this scandal quickly, make... Read More
  • September 27, 2016

    Last week the Senate passed the Water Resources Development Act, including key provisions from my legislation to protect Ohioans’ drinking water and keep Lake Erie healthy. At a time when so many Ohioans are rightly frustrated with Washington dysfunction, this is bill where both sides came together, and we were able to deliver bipartisan wins... Read More
  • September 19, 2016

    Last week the U.S. Department of Education answered my call to strengthen oversight of Ohio’s charter schools and ensure that our tax dollars are spent educating our children, not on waste and fraud. Ohio’s charter school system has become a disgrace on our state that is denying too many students a quality education, and defrauding... Read More
  • September 12, 2016

    For too long, bad actors in the for-profit college sector have been allowed to prey on students, leaving them unable to secure the good-paying jobs they were promised, and trapped under a mountain of debt. And this month has given us the latest example, with the closure of the for-profit college ITT Technical Institute. Earlier this month, the... Read More