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  • July 06, 2020

    This pandemic has been the Great Revealer. It’s exposing so many inequities in our society, and it’s affecting nearly every aspect of our lives. One issue that I’m hearing a lot about from Ohioans is how many still don’t have access to reliable, affordable broadband internet. It’s either not available where they live,... Read More
  • June 29, 2020

    The 2020 census is underway and our efforts to count every single Ohioan will not stop because of the pandemic. Ohioans can respond to the census safely online, by mail or by phone. The census determines how billions of dollars in federal funds will be distributed. Federal, state, and local programs all use census data for health care services,... Read More
  • June 19, 2020

    Each year in June, we celebrate our friends, family, and neighbors who make up Ohio’s LGBTQ community, and recommit ourselves to fighting for a more just and inclusive society. That’s why, for the fourth year in a row, I’ve led my Senate Democratic colleagues in introducing a resolution recognizing June as LGBTQ Pride Month. I... Read More
  • June 12, 2020

    People all around our state and our country are calling for meaningful change in our justice system. This reform starts with holding police accountable: No more chokeholds. No more unchecked police misconduct. No more immunity from prosecution. That’s why I joined my Senate colleagues in introducing the Justice in Policing Act, a... Read More
  • June 05, 2020

    The peaceful protests around our state and throughout our country are an expression of fear, grief, frustration, and anger. Black communities led the nation in mourning the killings of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor over the last week – and they are now leading calls for justice and long-term changes to dismantle the racist systems that hold... Read More
  • May 18, 2020

    Before this crisis, a quarter of renters spent more than half of their incomes on housing, often putting them one emergency away from impossible choices, and even eviction. Now millions of Ohioans are having those emergencies – they’ve lost their job, or they’ve had their hours cut. Ohioans are facing impossible choices right now... Read More
  • May 08, 2020

    It’s clear what a toll this pandemic is taking on Ohioans’ paychecks and family budgets. Even as we work to get our economy moving again as soon as it’s safe to do so, we know it is going to take a sustained response over many months to get everyone back on their feet. The fastest and simplest way to help Ohio workers and families... Read More
  • May 01, 2020

    We know how hard this crisis is hitting our cities and counties. They need robust, flexible funding to keep serving Ohioans and avoid cutting jobs and services the public relies on. Communities across Ohio have stepped up to meet the challenges of this pandemic. They’re continuing to support residents through food banks and meal pick-ups for... Read More
  • April 24, 2020

    We need a real plan to reopen the economy, safely – because if we don’t do it safely, we’re just going to have to close it again. People want to go back to work, go back to school, or be able to go to the grocery store without feeling terrified. That’s why last weekend, I sent President Trump a letter outlining a plan for... Read More
  • April 17, 2020

    The most recent relief package included something I pushed hard for – a provision to put money directly in the pockets of all middle class and low-income Americans. This week, millions of Ohioans will have started seeing their stimulus checks direct deposited into their bank accounts. We wanted to make the process as simple and painless as... Read More
  • April 09, 2020

    While it’s critical that those who are able stay home to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, others have to be at work on the front lines of this crisis. They’re fighting hard to care for patients and save lives in hospitals and in nursing homes. They’re working in our supply chains, driving trucks and making sure our store... Read More
  • April 03, 2020

    While our first priority is keeping Ohioans healthy and safe, we must also take steps to protect Ohioans’ financial wellbeing. We’ve seen reports indicating that scammers are targeting and taking advantage of Ohioans during this scary and confusing time. These scammers particularly prey on seniors who are at higher risk for... Read More
  • March 27, 2020

    This crisis is different from anything we’ve seen in our lifetimes. It’s going to take a sustained response over many months to slow the spread of the coronavirus, save lives, and make sure people can get back on their feet. During this time, I am in constant communication with Governor DeWine, Ohio Health Director Dr. Amy Acton, and... Read More
  • March 20, 2020

    Important Travel Update for Ohioans at Home and Abroad  I wanted to give you the latest update on travel recommendations from the State Department. Please share with anyone it may help.Due to the impact of COVID-19, the State Department has issued a Level 4 Travel Advisory to avoid all international travel. Americans should not... Read More
  • March 20, 2020

    In the middle of this public health crisis, I am in constant communication with Governor DeWine, Ohio Health Director Dr. Amy Acton, and other health officials around our state. This week I had calls with officials in Lorain, Cleveland, Cincinnati and Dayton, with more calls getting scheduled all the time. I’m listening to Ohio communities... Read More
  • March 06, 2020

    We all know how vital Lake Erie is to Ohio. From tourism in Geneva-on-the-Lake and Put-in-Bay, to fishing at Marblehead, to vacations and family reunions at Maumee Bay State Park, Lake Erie benefits our communities and creates jobs in our state. But for more than a half century, keeping our lake healthy has been a constant struggle. Runoff that... Read More
  • February 28, 2020

    We know we have a serious problem with infant mortality and maternal mortality in Ohio and around the country – and that we see huge disparities between white and black mothers and children. Last week, I held a roundtable in Columbus to talk with mothers, advocates, and health care providers about their experiences and what we can do to fight... Read More
  • February 14, 2020

    During his campaign, President Trump promised to protect Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. He has broken that promise over and over. The Trump Administration’s budget proposes a $75 billion cut to Social Security Disability Insurance, and that’s on top of their plan that will make it harder for people with disabilities to get the... Read More
  • February 07, 2020

    Right now, many Ohioans are struggling to make ends meet. Even people with supposedly-middle-class jobs don’t feel stable. Wages have barely budged, and the cost of everything is up – higher education, health care, child care, and – critically -- housing. We are in the midst of an affordable housing crisis in Ohio, and across the... Read More
  • February 03, 2020

    Last month, a new report from the Environmental Working Group found that drinking water contamination from PFAS chemicals is far more prevalent than we thought. Lab tests found PFAS chemicals in Ohioans’ drinking water in Columbus and Cincinnati. These contaminants are often called “forever chemicals” because they never break... Read More