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September 2021

Brown Announces $125,000 to Prevent Youth Substance Misuse in Williams County
Brown Announces $125,000 to Prevent Youth Substance Misuse in Pickaway County
Brown Announces $500,000 for Lead Testing, Prevention Resources for Ohio Children
Brown Announces $6 Million for National Advanced Air Mobility Center of Excellence in Springfield
Brown Announces $215,000 to Bolster Victims of Crime Support Database
Brown, Capito Pass Resolution to Designate Community School Coordinators Appreciation Week
Brown Statement on the Historic Selection of Saule Omarova to Lead the OCC
Brown Announces Additional $3.5 Million for Oversight and Air Quality Monitoring at the Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant Decontamination and Decommissioning Site
Brown on Senate Floor: Raising Kids is Work
Brown, Blunt Introduce Legislation Honoring Ulysses S. Grant
Brown, Colleagues Request Information from Former Lordstown Motors Investor
Brown Leads Effort to Fix Outdated Program for Seniors, Americans with Disabilities
Brown: Rohit Chopra is One Step Closer to Confirmation
Brown During Finance Subcommittee Hearing: It’s Time to Bring SSI into the 21st Century
Brown Blasts Ranking Member Toomey’s Letter on Transit Funding, Calls for Greater Investment to Address Our Nation’s Housing Crisis
Brown Announces Nearly $4.8 Million to Bolster Eastern Ohio’s Economy
Brown Announces $50,000 for Regional Utilities Management in the Mahoning Valley
Brown Announces Nearly $1.5 Million for Entrepreneurial Assistance in Southeast Ohio
Brown Announces $50,000 for Employment and Training Project in Clermont County
Brown: These Nominees are Prepared to Protect U.S. Interests at Home and Abroad