WASHINGTON, D.C. –At a Senate Finance Committee hearing today, U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) again denounced General Motors decision to end the second shift at the Lordstown GM plant while also announcing it will build the new Chevy Blazer in Mexico. Brown highlighted legislation he introduced following GM’s decision, the American Cars, American Jobs Act, as a way to support Ohio’s auto industry and keep auto jobs in America. United Autoworkers Legislative Director Josh Nassar, a witness at the committee hearing focused on the American auto industry, told Brown his bill would ‘absolutely’ help American autoworkers. 

More on the exchange below and video HERE:

Sen. Brown: “Do you agree GM’s decision is proof that our policies don’t do enough to encourage U.S.-based production?”

Mr. Nassar: “It’s absolutely proof, and it’s proof we’ve seen time and time again.”


Sen. Brown: “Would this bill help keep auto jobs in the U.S.?”

Mr. Nassar: “Absolutely, it would help keep auto jobs in the U.S.”

Brown’s bill, the American Cars, American Jobs Act, would:

  • Give customers a $3,500 discount when they buy cars made in America. This would cover all passenger vehicles made in Ohio and nearly 100 cars and trucks nationwide.  
  • Revoke a GOP tax cut on overseas profits from auto manufacturers that ship jobs overseas.

Brown’s bill would benefit Ohio companies and workers throughout the auto supply chain. The legislation would put U.S.-made cars on equal footing with foreign-made vehicles and update the tax code to remove incentives for auto companies to offshore jobs.

Learn more about the bill HERE.

During the hearing, Brown also praised Honda North America, which operates an assembly plant in Marysville. According to Honda, the company has never laid off a shift. Rick Schosteck, Executive Vice President for Honda North America, represented the company at the hearing.  

“You now have 15,000 employees that work in Ohio alone. If more auto companies invested in the U.S. like Honda has invested in Ohio, this conversation would have been very different today,” said Brown.