Brown Again Calls On Trump to End Government Shutdown, Put People Back to Work

800,000 Federal Workers are Going Without Paychecks, 420,000 of Them are on the Job Without Pay; Thousands of Contracted Workers Have No Way to Recoup Lost Hours & Wages; Senate Passed Bill to Keep the Government Open Unanimously in December, House Passed Bill Last Week, President could Reopen Government Immediately if He Wanted to

WASHINGTON, DC – After meeting with workers in Ohio and Virginia who are hurting from the President’s shutdown, U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) is again calling on the President to reopen the government and get people back to work immediately.

Before the holidays, the Senate unanimously passed a clean funding measure, which Brown supported. The White House indicated it would support that short-term spending measure to fund the government before President Trump abruptly changed course and shut down the government – after saying he was proud to shut down the government for border security. Last week, the House passed a similar measure to fund the government and reopen the government with bipartisan support. The government could reopen immediately if Republican Senate Leader McConnell would allow the Senate to vote and the President would sign the bill.

“President Trump is taking paychecks away from thousands of American workers and throwing families into crisis every day he refuses to reopen the government,” Brown said. “The President must end his shutdown and put Americans back to work.”  

Brown has been calling on President Trump and Senator McConnell to end this shut down immediately and believes the Senate shouldn’t be voting on anything else this week until the government is reopened.

Earlier today, Brown met with workers who are hurt by the ongoing government shutdown. In Cleveland, Brown met with Transportation Security Administration (TSA) workers at Cleveland Hopkins Airport, who are currently working without pay due to the government shutdown. Brown also spoke with UNITE HERE Local 23 food service workers in Arlington, Virginia, who work in the Smithsonian museums and at federal agencies in our nation’s capital and are currently furloughed as a result of the shutdown. Many of these contracted workers are paid hourly and often have no way of recouping lost hours and wages during a government shutdown.