Brown Announces $24.5M in Funds Slated for R&D of Defense-Related Technologies in Ohio

Senate Appropriations Committee Passes Bill that would Support Projects in Akron, Beavercreek, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Elyria, Fairborn and Mentor

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) announced that the Senate Appropriations Committee passed $24.5 million in federal funding for projects in Ohio that support the research and development of technology for military use. The funding, which was secured by Brown, was included in the Department of Defense Act of 2010.
“These funds will provide support for our troops while creating jobs in the process,” Brown said. “Defense research and development does not only support our military, it enhances the commercial viability of new technologies. The funding in this bill will help Ohio institutions to lead the way in developing better equipment for our service members and new technology for our nation.”
The list of projects that would receive funds can be found below. The bill must be passed by the full Senate and conference with the House before heading to the president’s desk for signature.

Northeast Ohio


$2,000,000 for the Center for Education and Research on Corrosion and Materials Performance – The University of Akron

This funding will be used to establish an undergraduate education program in corrosion engineering and science. This effort will create corrosion-specific, accredited engineering degrees at the associate and baccalaureate level and will provide an industry-accredited workforce certification program. Brown is a long-time opponent of corrosion-mitigation technologies to ensure the integrity of Ohio infrastructure. He is the author of a bill that would require corrosion mitigation and prevention plans for new bridge construction and provide tax credits to improve anti-corrosion technology that protects existing machinery and infrastructure.


$2,000,000 to support the development of PaintShield for Protection from Microbial Threats – The Sherwin-Williams Company
This funding will protect America’s military personnel from airborne microbiological threats. With these funds, Sherwin-Williams Company will continue developing the PaintShield coating technology, an interior paint product that will combat microbiological hazards.


$4,000,000 for Advanced Materials & Process for Armament Structures -- American Engineering & Manufacturing, Inc.

This funding will allow Advanced Materials & Process for Armament Structures (AMPAS) to develop new methods to develop lightweight titanium for use in military equipment.


$4,500,000 for the development of a Military Medical Decontamination System -- Steris Corporation

These funds will support research on best practices used to decrease hospital-acquired infections (HAI) in military health facilities. HAIs threaten patient safety and increase health costs.

Southwest Ohio


$6,500,000 for the Advanced Technical Intelligence Center for Human Capital Development – Wright Patterson Airforce Base

This funding will support education and training needs for up to 1,000 new intelligence jobs in the next five years. These funds will provide an opportunity to solidify the region as a Center of Excellence serving the Department of Defense, the intelligence community, industry and academia.


$1,500,000 for Rapid Automated Processing of Advanced Low Observables -- Alliant Techsystems, Inc.
The Rapid Automated Processing of Advanced Low Observables program will research and develop advance production methods for high-performance, low-cost intelligence products. This funding will be used to incorporate techniques that will reduce manufacturing costs, while increasing quality of the products. 


$1,500,000 for the development of Mobile Wind Turbine Systems to Power Forward Bases -- Twenty First Century Energy

These funds will develop advanced, transportable wind turbine technology to power forward operating bases, improving the energy security of our military and enhancing the commercial viability of wind power.

Central Ohio


$2,500,000 to support Hybrid Materials Integration -- Edison Welding Institute

The funds will support “hypersonic flight” technology that reduces time-to-target for reconnaissance, strike, interception, and transport. These funds will allow Edison Welding Institute (EWI) to develop new, more efficient technologies and production processes.


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