WASHINGTON, D.C.- U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) announced today that the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has distributed more than $362 million in funding to Ohio from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (Recovery Act) to help stimulate job growth and invest in critical infrastructure to build the 21st century economy.  

 “This investment strengthens Ohio’s small towns and rural communities to stimulate new growth and create jobs,” Brown said. “These funds address critical infrastructure needs while generating new economic opportunities in the process.”

Ohio has received $362.5 million in recovery funds through the USDA. It is estimated that for every dollar the USDA invests in recovery funds stimulates $1.84 in economic activity. Ohio allocations, which expand resources available to rural families and communities follows: 

FSA Direct Operating Farm Loans: $1.1 million

FSA Aquaculture Assistance Program: $63,000

Forest Service Capital Improvement and Maintenance project: $2.4 million

Forest Service Wildland Fire Management: $4.4 million

SNAP obligations to date: $124.9 million

SNAP State Administrative Funds: $5.5 million

The Emergency Food Assistance Program: $5 million

National School Lunch Program: $3 million

NRCS Floodplain Easements: $6.1 million

Single Family Housing Loans: $157.3 million

Rural Development Water and Waste Treatment projects: $43.5 million

Rural Development Community Facilities: $8.5 million

Rural Business and Enterprise Grants: $700,000

The USDA has announced nearly all $28 billion of its Recovery Act allocation. In addition, the USDA released $12.5 billion of the $24.9 billion in low-cost loans made available through recovery funds to expand resources available to rural families. 

 USDA Recovery Act investments nationwide will:  

Expand opportunities and spur economic development with up to $9 billion in broadband loans and grants to rural communities.  

Distribute $11.2 billion to provide 80,000 home loans in rural communities.    

Provide loans and grants worth $3.6 billion to provide safe drinking water, improve wastewater treatment systems, and to create jobs and bring increased economic benefits to rural America.  

Utilize nearly $3 billion to improve, develop, and finance business, industry, and employment while improving the economic and environmental climate in rural communities.  

More information about USDA recovery efforts can be found on their Web site HERE.

Brown is the first Ohioan in more than 40 years to serve on the U.S. Senate Agriculture Committee. He is also the Chair of the Agriculture Subcommittee on Hunger, Nutrition, and Family Farms.