COLUMBUS OHIO— In response to today’s groundbreaking of a rail terminal in North Baltimore, Ohio—part of the National Gateway Project—U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown issued the following statement:

“Today is about creating jobs, economic development, and investing in our communities,” Brown said. “Companies like CSX know that choosing Ohio is good for business, and the impact of the National Gateway Project is good for the region.  Our strong network of rails, roads, rivers, and airports have for years been an asset to companies looking to reach more than 150 million people who live within a day’s drive of the state.  This project demonstrates why our state is a leader in the transportation and logistics sectors.”

According to CSX, the National Gateway is a plan to create a more efficient rail route linking Mid-Atlantic ports with Midwestern markets, which will improve the flow of rail traffic between these regions by increasing the use of double-stack trains. This public-private partnership - expected to cost $700 million -- will upgrade tracks, equipment and facilities, and provide clearance allowing double-stack intermodal trains – intermodal cargo can be efficiently transported by ship, train or truck in standard-sized shipping containers.

In Ohio, the project calls for the building of a new rail terminal in North Baltimore and expansion of an intermodal facility in Columbus.