WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) called on President-elect Donald Trump today to immediately remove chairman of an alt-right news and opinion site, Steve Bannon, from his recently appointed position as chief White House strategist and senior counsel to the President.

“We cannot bring the country together by inviting into the White House the same bigotry and hate speech that divided us on the campaign trail,” Brown said. “This is not about a difference in policy or politics – Steve Bannon has promoted anti-Semitic, racist, misogynistic and dangerous views that have emboldened white nationalist forces and caused some Americans to question whether they can still feel safe in the country we all love. President-elect Trump told us he wants to be a President for ‘all Americans’ and he cannot do that while empowering bigotry that targets and threatens many of them. Steve Bannon must be removed from his position immediately.”

Under Bannon’s chairmanship, Breitbart news published online content targeting Jews, women, LGBT Americans and others (here).