CLEVELAND, OH – Following Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation to the Supreme Court, U.S. Senators Sherrod Brown (D-OH) and Bob Casey (D-PA) today hosted a virtual press conference to highlight the threat that workers will face with another conservative justice on a Court that has already eroded workers’ rights and favored corporate interests. The senators were joined by labor leaders and workers from Ohio and Pennsylvania. They discussed previous Supreme Court decisions that have stacked the deck in favor of corporations and what we must do to keep fighting back and put workers ahead of special interests, even after Judge Barrett’s confirmation.

Click here to download video of the virtual press conference.

The senators were joined by Melissa Cropper, President of the Ohio Federation of Teachers and Secretary-Treasurer of the Ohio AFL-CIO; Bill Enstrom, Steelworker and Local Union President for USW Local 1020 in Ohio; Jim DePoe, Member of the IBEW Local #29 in Pennsylvania; and Rick Bloomingdale, President of the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO.

“Rather than helping Ohioans who are struggling amid this pandemic with extended Unemployment Insurance, rental assistance, and stimulus checks to help pay the bills, Trump and McConnell told the American people ‘you’re on your own,’ and moved heaven and earth to put another justice on the Supreme Court to further tip the scales for corporations over workers. We cannot stand by and watch unelected judges – installed by politicians who take their cues from Wall Street and corporate lobbyists – continue to erode workers’ rights. We can and must keep fighting for policies that put workers first,” said Sen. Sherrod Brown.

"A week before the presidential election, in which more than 60 million Americans have already voted, the Senate majority chose to ram through a Supreme Court nominee and confirm a Justice who will continue to enact a conservative agenda that is anti-worker, anti-middle class and pro-corporation,” said Sen. Bob Casey. “Voters casting ballots in record numbers will make it clear that the American people will not support Republicans who moved at lightning speed to pack the Supreme Court with another corporate Justice, yet refuse to pass economic relief legislation to help millions of Americans who are unemployed or experiencing income loss due to the public health crisis. I will continue fighting to ensure hardworking Americans have the right to organize, receive the pay and benefits they deserve and are safe on the job.”

“We are in danger of losing all the rights that labor has fought hard to preserve – such as the right to organize, the right to freedom from discrimination on the job, the right to protect workers from corporations that try to exploit them, the right to collectively bargain safe working conditions, the right to receive overtime pay for overtime work, and the list goes on.  A Court that stands against workers and collective bargaining rights is also a court that does not care about healthcare, pensions, safe working conditions, quality time to spend with family, or fair wages because it is the union contract that preserves these kinds of rights. With the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett pushing the court in an even more conservative direction, it will be more important than ever for people to organize and mobilize to protect and preserve the values that unions have long held as they built a strong America,” said Melissa Cropper, President of the Ohio Federation of Teachers and Secretary-Treasurer of the Ohio AFL-CIO.

Unions were responsible for creating a whole new middle class. Hard working families were able to afford decent living, college for kids and an enjoyable retirement. Now, workers are slowly losing all the rights that our fathers and grandfathers fought for with their blood, sweat, and tears. If billion dollar corporations would spend the money they use to bust unions and instead offered better wages, healthcare, and working conditions, they may see an increase in quality, output, and general attitude. But a conservative Supreme Court, in the hands of political special interests and billionaires, threatens that. We need to keep fighting to preserve the middle class,” said Bill Enstrom, Steelworker and Local Union President of the USW Local 1020 in Ashtabula, OH.