Brown Discusses Federal Aid to Auto Industry with Lordstown Community Leaders

Senator Recaps Recent Meeting with GM CEO and Discusses GM Restructuring Plans, Future of Lordstown Facility

LORDSTOWN, OH— U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) discussed auto restructuring plans today with Lordstown community leaders at the UAW Local 1112 Hall.

“The Lordstown facility represents the future of General Motors,” Brown said. “We need to ensure that American workers manufacture the next generation vehicles that meet our nation’s demand for fuel efficiency. As GM finalizes restructuring plans, it’s critical that federal aid supports the retention of U.S. jobs and factories and the manufacture of fuel efficient vehicles like the Chevy Cruze.”

At today’s meeting, Brown recounted his recent discussion of the Lordstown facility and the Chevy Cruze with General Motors CEO Fritz Henderson. Brown met with Henderson in Washington on May 6 and received additional assurances that the Chevy Cruze would continue to be manufactured in Lordstown.

Brown also gave an update on federal assistance to the auto industry and discussed his work to keep GM jobs and plants in the U.S. Brown has been an outspoken voice in Congress on the need for auto recovery funds to support the retention of U.S. jobs and factories. GM’s draft restructuring program proposes the closure of around 16 plants—with much of the work offshored to Mexico and other countries. Brown has argued that taxpayer funds should not be used to shut down American plants and reopen them elsewhere.

Brown was joined today by Michael O’Brien, Mayor of Warren; UAW Local 1112 President Jim Graham, Vice President Glen Johnson, and Financial Secretary Jimmie Stanton; UAW Local 1714 President David Green, Recording Secretary Luis Robinson, Financial Secretary Dennis Voytko; Gary Steinbeck, USW District 1 Subdirector & VP of Mahoning/Trumbull Central Labor Council; Jerry Butler, Lordstown Complex Personnel Director; and Vicki Giovangnoli, Trumbull County Schools Superintendent.


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