WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) is firing back at an attack from President Trump and calling on the President to support his American Cars American Jobs Act. Under the Republican tax bill, championed by President Trump, companies are rewarded with a lower tax rate when shipping American jobs overseas. Brown’s bill, introduced in August, would get rid of the incentives for auto manufacturers to ship jobs overseas and help keep American autoworkers on the job. The Toledo Blade editorialized that Brown’s bill would “put America and American workers first.”

Brown called President Trump in June and asked him to take action, calling on the President to work with Ohioans to support solutions.

“President Trump, I’ll compare my record standing up for Ohio & American workers to yours any day. Instead of giving companies tax breaks to shut down American factories & lay off workers, why haven’t you supported the American Cars American Jobs Act?” said Brown.

Brown originally introduced his legislation after General Motors announced plans to build the new Chevy Blazer in Mexico on the same day the company ended the second shift at a plant in Lordstown. Brown’s bill would benefit Ohio companies and workers throughout the auto supply chain. The legislation would put U.S.-made cars on equal footing with foreign-made vehicles and update the tax code to remove incentives for auto companies to offshore jobs. Learn more about the bill HERE.

Brown’s Work to Save Lordstown Jobs

  • In April, when GM announced plans for layoffs in Lordstown, Sherrod wrote to GM CEO Mary Barra condemning the layoffs and urging GM to reverse its decision by using the tax windfall the company received from the recent tax cuts to invest in the Lordstown facility and its workers. Letter HERE.
  • Sherrod called Commerce Secretary Ross asking for his help to keep the Lordstown plant open. No action was taken.
  • Sherrod spoke with GM CEO Mary Barra and President Trump about the plant directly. Sherrod and Barra met in his office on June 5.
  • Sherrod requested a call with Trump to ask for his help to save the Lordstown plant back when the original layoffs where announced this Spring. They spoke on the phone June 30th. The President did nothing.
  • In September, during a hearing of the Senate Finance Committee, Brown highlighted his American Cars, American Jobs Act, as a way to keep auto jobs in America. United Autoworkers Legislative Director Josh Nassar, a witness at the committee hearing, told Brown his bill would ‘absolutely’ help American autoworkers.