Brown Holds Clean Energy Summit Connecting Ohio Companies with Federal Resources

Brown Announces Nearly $1 Million in New Federal Funds to Create Ohio Advanced Energy Manufacturing Center

Summit Convened Federal Energy Officials with Ohio Clean Energy Leaders and Businesses

COLUMBUS, OH. – U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH)  today co-hosted a Clean Energy Summit with Battelle Memorial Institute  to connect Ohio clean energy leaders and companies with federal resources. Immediately before the summit, Brown announced nearly $1 million in new federal funds he secured with Sen. Voinovich to create the Ohio Advanced Energy Manufacturing Center.

“These funds will help establish another first for Ohio in taking the lead in clean energy initiatives. The Ohio Advanced Energy Manufacturing Center will help Ohio businesses succeed in creating new clean energy jobs and secure new economic opportunities.”

Brown joined EWI President and CEO Henry Cialone in discussing how this first-of-its-kind center, combined with federal stimulus resources, will help make Ohio a Silicon Valley for clean energy manufacturing.   

“Ohio’s energy innovators have told us they need new manufacturing technologies and approaches to enter the market at a competitive price point, and to secure those markets against regional and global competition.  The Center rallies Ohio’s assets in product development, process engineering, and manufacturing technology development, and brings them to bear on these vital new business opportunities,” said Henry Cialone, President and CEO of EWI.

Today’s groundbreaking summit, co-hosted by Battelle Memorial Institute connected federal energy officials and Ohio companies, organizations, and municipalities engaged in clean energy research and development. Brown discussed how recovery funding opportunities can help grow Ohio businesses and create new jobs.

“Today’s Energy Summit marks an important step in rebuilding Ohio’s economy and re-investing in Ohio’s talented workforce,” said Brown. “I am confident that Ohio can lead the country by maximizing its greatest strength-the creativity and entrepreneurship of our workers and our industries. Clean energy production is one way that Ohio can galvanize our innovation, commercialization and competitiveness to make our communities strong again.”

Battelle Memorial Institute CEO Jeff Wadsworth and President of Battelle Energy Technology Global Business Don McConnell also spoke about how recovery funds will grow Ohio’s clean energy base.

In addition, representatives from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) led a panel discussion that outlined specific federal and state competitive grants and tax incentives the economic recovery package that are available for Ohio organizations.

Brown recently announced the release of $362 million in recovery funds to invest in Ohio’s
energy efficiency. The funds, $96 million of which was made available in energy efficiency grants, will be used to develop, manufacture and install clean energy sources, and to reduce costs and save and create jobs. For more information on recovery funds that invest in clean energy initiatives, please visit Brown’s recovery Web page here  or find more information here.

Brown also recently authored two amendments to the fiscal year 2010 budget to support Ohio’s clean energy manufacturing base and encourage regional job growth through workforce development. Brown fought for provisions in the budget to invest in retooling traditional manufacturing supply chains to meet our nation’s increased demand for domestic sources of clean renewable energy. More information on Brown’s amendment, which supports Ohio businesses in developing technologies and commodities to successfully develop a clean energy supply chain in Ohio, can be found here.
In March, Brown joined joined a bipartisan group of eight senators to introduce The Restoring America’s Manufacturing Leadership through Energy Efficiency Act of 2009. The bill, which promotes the development, commercialization, and production of energy efficient technologies and processes for Ohio businesses, would create a financing mechanism for businesses that want to adopt new energy efficient technologies to cut costs, save and create jobs, and improve competitiveness.

In conjunction with The Restoring America’s Manufacturing Leadership through Energy Efficiency Act of 2009 and in partnership with PolicyMatters Ohio, a non-partisan, not for profit research organization, Brown released a report that provides county-by-county data of Ohio companies that could benefit from the legislation. The report that details the more than 380 plants or one third of Ohio’s employment base that would benefit from the legislation can be found here. 

Brown is also the author of the Green Energy Production Act of 2009, which would expand clean energy research and development to help build a clean energy manufacturing base in Ohio. More information on Brown’s bill that would invest in Ohio’s emerging position as the Silicon Valley of alternative energy can be found here. 


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