Brown Hosts Youngstown Roundtable He Works To Make Housing More Affordable, Fight Housing Discrimination

Youngstown Housing Roundtable

Ohioans Can Visit Brown’s Website HERE to Share Their Housing Stories, Policy Ideas 

YOUNGSTOWN, OH – Today, U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) hosted a roundtable discussion in Youngstown as he asks for Ohioans to share their stories about the obstacles facing individuals and families struggling to find and afford a home. Wages have not kept pace with housing costs, and whether they rent, own, are trying to save for a down payment or are trying to age with dignity in their own homes, Ohioans are finding it harder to afford housing that meets their needs.

Brown is asking Ohioans to share their stories as he continues to work on policies to make housing more affordable and reverse discriminatory policies that keep Ohioans from accessing quality housing.

“We have an affordable housing crisis in Ohio, and all over the country. We need a housing system that works for everyone, whether they’re renting or want to buy a home, no matter who they are, what kind of work they do, or where they live. That’s why I’m asking Ohioans to share their stories with me as we work to turn those conversations into policy ideas that help Ohio workers and Ohio families,” said Brown.

Brown was joined at today’s roundtable by Ohioans who have struggled to secure quality, affordable housing as well as housing experts, advocates, and local leaders to discuss ways to improve access to housing in Ohio.  

“Housing is one of the most important determinants in the lives of all Ohioans and requires we all work together to create locally sensitive housing policy that will create safe and quality housing for all residents of our state,” said Ian Beniston, Executive Director, Youngstown Neighborhood Development Corporation.

“One of the primary issues we see is that wages do not keep up with the housing costs. Having a stable, affordable, safe place to live is sometimes hard for people who do not make a decent wage - and minimum wage is not a decent living wage,” said Nancy Voitus, Executive Director of Catholic Charities Regional Agency.

Brown has been a leader on housing issues in Ohio and around the country. In 2010, Brown helped secure Hardest Hit Funds for the state of Ohio, which brought nearly $763 million in foreclosure prevention and demolition funding to the state. Hardest Hit Funds are still being used to demolish blighted homes in Youngstown and across the state.

Brown has introduced several bills to address hosing and homelessness, including the Fostering Stable Housing Opportunities Act, the Housing for Homeless Students Act and the Eviction Crisis Act.

Brown has also criticized the President’s housing finance plan, which would make housing more expensive and harder to get for Ohioans. President Trump’s housing plan would hurt working Ohioans across the state – from Ohioans renting and wanting to buy a home to Ohioans who own a home and someday want to sell it.

In July 2019, Brown sent a letter to President Trump suggesting ways his Administration could work in a bipartisan way to prevent and end homelessness.