Brown: Obama Budget a Big Win for NASA Glenn

Glenn Budget Boosted by Over $100 Million in FY2012

WASHINGTON, D.C. - U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) released the following statement on the President’s funding proposal for NASA Glenn Research Center (GRC) in Fiscal Year 2012.

“The President’s budget is a big win for NASA Glenn. Even though NASA’s overall budget is decreasing, NASA Glenn’s budget will increase by more than $100 million for the next fiscal year. More importantly, Glenn will lead two key missions, which will ensure that the center can continue to grow and that its capacities in research and development remain strong.

“But the President’s request is only the first step of many in the budget process. The Republican-led House Appropriations Committee recently proposed slashing NASA’s budget to a much further extent than the President’s budget—which could mean a huge hit to Northeast Ohio’s economy over the following decade. All bets are off if the House follows through with its promise to substantially reduce funding for programs like NASA.

“After years of losing work to other centers, NASA Glenn now has a partner in the Obama Administration and the Ohio congressional delegation. NASA Glenn’s interests are best served when members of the Ohio delegation—Democratic and Republican—can work together to preserve jobs and bring new missions to the center. By partnering with local and state businesses, in addition to other federal agencies, we can continue to grow NASA Glenn’s already-diverse portfolio of work.”

GRC’s budget will increase by more than $100 million for FY2012. NASA Glenn will run the Space Technology Research Grants Program Office and will now manage two critical technology demonstration missions: Solar Electric Propulsion and Cryogenic Propulsion Storage and Transfer. Glenn will also manage the following projects:

  • In-Space Propulsion
  • Space Power Generation & Storage
  • Nuclear Systems
  • Nanotechnology
  • Manufacturing Innovation

Brown has been a leader in Congressional efforts to save jobs at NASA Glenn. Thanks to Brown, a Senate bill passed last year preserved civil servant jobs at GRC for the next three years. Just last week, an effort to eliminate aeronautics research and development from NASA’s mission was stripped on the Senate floor also as a result of Brown’s leadership.


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