WASHINGTON, D.C. - U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) applauded a vote today by the International Trade Commission (ITC) that will place duties on steel tube imports from China which have injured the U.S. industry. The ruling will place a duty of up to 99-percent on Chinese steel tube imports, which will help domestic producers and workers at U.S. Steel in Lorain, V & M STAR in Youngstown, and Wheatland Tube Co. in Warren.

In response to today's ruling, Brown issued the following statement:

"Enforcing trade laws means American jobs. For too long, American manufacturers like U.S. Steel in Lorain, V&M Star in Youngstown, and Wheatland Tube in Warren were undercut by Chinese imports.

"These companies make oil tubes which are essential for equipping our energy market. The workers who manufacture them are among the best in the world, but have faced an inexcusable flood of dumped and subsidized products made in China.

"Today's vote will ensure a fair playing field is vital to our nation's global competitiveness. This ruling will save and create jobs in Lorain, Youngstown, Warren and dozens of communities around the country."

Brown testified before the ITC on Dec. 1 on this matter. A copy of his testimony can be found HERE. He is author of the Trade Enforcement Priorities Act of 2009, which would require the U.S. Trade Representative to take action against trade practices like subsidies and currency manipulation that unfairly put American workers and businesses at a competitive disadvantage.

Enforcement of trade laws has already benefited Ohio workers. In Feb., following the initial ITC ruling on this case, Vallourec announced that it would expand the V&M STAR Steel Facility in the Mahoning Valley. The $650 million economic development project, expected to create 350 jobs in the region, was made possible by $20 million in federal Recovery Act Funds. In Sep., following a June ruling by the ITC on behalf of tire workers, Pres. Obama announced that he would enforce "Section 421" trade safeguards that protect American tire manufacturers from excessive imports. After the ruling, Cooper Tire & Rubber Company announced plans to add capacity to its Findlay, Ohio tire plant and hire up to 100 workers.