WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) reintroduced his American Cars, American Jobs Act as he continues fighting for Lordstown workers. This week, GM is set to close the plant in Lordstown, laying off thousands of workers. Brown continues to call on GM to do the right thing, honor the dignity of these workers, and reinvest in its Lordstown plant. 

“This week, GM is set to lay off thousands of workers in Lordstown. We know how devastating that is for the workers, for their families, for local businesses, for the entire community. We also know it doesn’t have to be this way. We need to overhaul our trade and tax policy, and end this corporate business model where companies like GM close American plants, collect a tax break to move overseas, only to sell those cars back into the U.S. That’s why I’m reintroducing the American Cars, American Jobs Act,” said Brown.

Brown’s American Cars, American Jobs Act would:

  • Give customers a $3,500 discount when they buy cars made in America and a $4,500 discount if that American car is electric or a plug-in hybrid;
  • and revoke a special GOP tax cut on overseas profits for auto manufacturers that ship jobs overseas.

Brown added a provision that would incentivize the purchase of electric cars after GM announced their intention to launch more than 20 new zero-emissions vehicles by 2023. Brown is encouraging GM to bring one of those products to Lordstown.   

Brown’s bill would benefit Ohio companies and workers throughout the auto supply chain. The legislation would put U.S.-made cars on equal footing with foreign-made vehicles and update the tax code to remove incentives for auto companies to offshore jobs.

Nearly 100 vehicles, including all passenger vehicles made in Ohio, qualify for the $3500 rebate based on the 2018 American Automobile Labeling Act (AALA) list. Six of the nine U.S.-manufactured electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles on the AALA list qualify for the $4500 rebate.

At a Senate Finance Committee hearing last September, an expert witness said Brown’s bill would ‘absolutely’ help American autoworkers. The Toledo Blade editorialized that Brown’s bill would “put America and American workers first.” 

Brown has been fighting for Lordstown workers since GM announced layoffs at the plant, working with Sen. Portman to push GM to do the right thing. Brown and Sen. Portman met with GM CEO Mary Barra in December and urged GM to work with them to save Lordstown jobs. After the meeting, both Senators followed up with a letter pressing GM to bring a new product to Lordstown and give workers and the community the answers they deserve. 

On Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Brown hosted a roundtable with Lordstown workers at UAW Local 1112. Brown was joined at the roundtable by GM workers, as well as workers from local suppliers like MAGNA and Jamestown Industries, who will be harmed by GM’s decision.

On the Senate floor last night, Brown slammed President Trump for failing to act to help Lordstown workers after making false promises to workers and families in the Mahoning Valley and boasting about auto jobs coming to Ohio as Lordstown workers are set to lose their jobs. Brown called President Trump’s remarks last week a slap in the face to Lordstown workers, and again called on the President to step up and help Brown save the jobs of Lordstown workers.