Brown Statement on GM Bankruptcy Filing

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) issued the following statement in response to General Motors’ bankruptcy filing today:

“This is a challenging time for Ohio auto communities and for manufacturers across the state. My thoughts are with GM workers, their families, and the thousands of other Ohio workers whose livelihoods are tied to those of GM.

“A bankruptcy filing by General Motors will test our nation’s resolve in rebuilding our manufacturing base. GM is a crucial part of our nation’s economy. As we work to help GM through bankruptcy, we must also work to rebuild a thriving domestic manufacturing industry.

“If taxpayers commit more resources to GM, they deserve to know those funds will be used to build cars at home rather than abroad. We need to ensure that GM emerges as a stronger company that utilizes Ohio’s talented auto workers and suppliers to build the fuel-efficient vehicles of the 21st century. More government assistance to GM is about supporting domestic manufacturing, rather than just upholding a brand.

“Ohio auto communities deserve to know why certain plants are being closed while others will remain open. Auto workers in Mansfield, Groveport, and Parma are among the most productive workers in the nation. We need a coordinated federal response that invests in these workers and their communities.

“I will continue to work with President Obama and his administration to ensure the need of auto workers and communities are met with a timely and targeted federal response. This sort of coordinated federal assistance is needed for auto communities. We need a commitment of equal strength toward rebuilding our nation’s manufacturing base. The future of American manufacturing depends on it.”

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