Brown Statement on ITC Analysis of Trump Administration’s NAFTA Proposal

Senator: ITC is Right, Labor Standards Don’t Matter Unless Enforced

CLEVELAND, OH – U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) released the following statement on the International Trade Commission’s (ITC) report on President Trump’s proposed re-write of NAFTA. While Brown said he does not put a lot of stock in ITC reports because they have failed to paint the full picture of devastation caused in states like Ohio in the past, he did highlight a section of the report that states: “…the USMCA labor provisions are expected to promote higher wages and improved labor conditions in member markets if these provisions are enforced.” 

Brown has been calling on the Administration to work with him to beef up labor enforcement for months to ensure anti-outsourcing rules are followed. 

“I’m going to judge any agreement based whether it will make life better for real people in Ohio, not bureaucratic formulas that have failed to tell the whole story time and time again. So, I’m more focused on the fact that we already know the President’s deal didn’t stop GM from closing factories across the U.S. than what a report says might happen in the future. It’s clear we have work to do to make sure NAFTA works for Ohio workers,” Brown said. “There’s one place the ITC gets it exactly right and that’s the fact that labor standards will only make a difference for U.S. workers if they are enforced. I urge the Administration to work with me and Senator Wyden and others to strengthen the new NAFTA and make it work better for U.S. workers.”