CLEVELAND, OH – Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) reiterated his commitment today to strengthening anti-outsourcing provisions in the text of the updated North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) in order to prevent American jobs from moving to Mexico. Brown, who has been working with the Administration for months, pointed out that work remains to improve the agreement before Congress votes. Brown said that decades of devastation caused by NAFTA coupled with General Motors’ decision this week to lay off 14,000 workers and close five factories – including, Lordstown, Ohio – demonstrate why getting the best possible deal for American workers in the rewrite cannot be rushed. The Senator said he remains committed to working with the Administration to improve the deal.

“I’ve said all along that our number one priority has to be preventing American jobs from moving to Mexico. Decades of devastation caused by NAFTA and GM’s recent layoffs underscore how much is at stake for American workers. This is too important not to get right, and that’s why I am committed to continuing to fight to strengthen anti-outsourcing rules in the agreement.”