UAW Toledo Strike

TOLEDO, OH — Today, U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) and Ohio House Democratic Leader Emilia Strong Sykes (D-Akron) visited striking UAW workers in Toledo as they push GM to agree to a bargaining agreement that honors the Dignity of Work. Autoworkers across Ohio and across the country went on strike this month, as they push GM for fair compensation and working conditions.

All workers have the right to stand up for fair wages, better working conditions, and increased investments for plants in their local communities, including communities like Lordstown who have been hurt by GM’s recent restructuring. Autoworkers stood up and made sacrifices to help save GM when times were tough. All they are asking for is their fair share now that times are good. I urge GM to agree to a contract that honors the Dignity of Work and that helps Ohio autoworkers, communities and families who all help drive the success of the auto industry in Ohio and across the country,” said Brown.  

“If you work hard, you should get ahead. But sadly, in Ohio and across this great country, too many are working hard but still falling behind. This is the story in Lordstown and other communities throughout Ohio. Meanwhile, the rich keep getting richer. That’s why I am proud to stand alongside our brothers and sisters in labor on the picket line today fighting for their fair share. I hope General Motors takes notice of the physical and emotional toll this strike is having on its workers and their families. They deserve better from the company they helped to turn around,” said Sykes.      

Brown has urged GM to honor the Dignity of Work, pointing out that autoworkers stood up for GM when times were tough and now are simply asking for their fair share now that times are good. Brown also took to the Senate floor to stand in solidarity with striking UAW workers. Media can download production quality video of Brown’s speech HERE.

Brown and Sykes met today with workers and local labor leaders to listen to their stories as they continue to push GM to do the right thing.