Brown Takes to Senate Floor, Condemns President’s Budget Proposal

President’s Budget is Yet another Betrayal of Working People

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WASHINGTON, DC –U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) yesterday took to the Senate floor to blast the Trump administration’s proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2021. President Trump’s budget proposes significant cuts to programs, which will negatively affect hardworking Ohioans. Brown is committed to fighting these cuts and securing Ohio priorities throughout the budget process.

Brown’s remarks, as prepared for delivery, can be found below:

Last month while this body was busy trying – and failing – to hold the president accountable for betraying the American people, President Trump went to Davos, and doubled down on another betrayal.

While he was hobnobbing with the global elite in Switzerland, he let slip his plan – after his tax handouts to billionaires and corporations blew up the deficit, President Trump wants to pay for it by cutting Social Security and Medicare.

And now, today we got President Trump’s budget.

That document makes it clear how he wants to pay for his tax scam – on the backs of working families and seniors.

In addition to cuts to Medicare and Social Security, he’s taking a sledgehammer to Medicaid, to food stamps, to investments in infrastructure and support for rural communities and small towns.

He wants to make it harder to clean up our drinking water and stop polluters.

At a time when one-in-four renters spends more than half their income on housing, he wants to make it harder to help families find and afford a home.

Pretty much the only ones who escape unscathed?

Corporations and their wealthy, unaccountable CEOs.

To fund their tax cuts, President Trump wants to ask more from families struggling to make ends meet – the families he promised to fight for.

He wants to ask more of seniors, and people with disabilities, and students, and kids who need health care.

All to pay for his tax scam.

President Trump sold it as a tax cut for working people.

But the jig is up – we know people aren’t seeing more money in their paychecks.

People see Trump’s tax scam for what it really was – a giveaway to corporations and the wealthiest tiny sliver of the population.

Remember the promises President Trump made, that his tax law would mean raises for workers?

He said it over and over, promising that somehow these massive corporate tax cuts would end up in workers’ pockets.

I heard him pledge to a group of senators at the White House that everyone would get a $4,000 raise.

He told workers last year, the month after he signed the law,

“You’re going to start seeing a lot more money in your paycheck.”

One lie after another.

Instead of investing in workers, corporations bought back trillions of dollars of their own stock, to line investors’ pockets.

Meanwhile, the deficit exploded.

And we know what the corporate crowd’s plan always is to deal with the deficit – steal the money Americans have paid in to Social Security and Medicare.

How do we know? Because they told us.

In spring 2017, right after President Trump was elected, the Wall Street Journal ran an op-ed by economist Martin Feldstein, who has built his career pushing tax cuts for his rich friends.

And guess how he wanted President Trump to pay for his corporate giveaway? By raising the Social Security retirement age.

Looks like Trump was listening.

It comes back to whose side you’re on.

Are you going to stand with workers, or corporations?

Do you fight for Wall Street wealth, or the Dignity of Work?

If you love this country, you fight for the people who make it work. The president promised to fight for American workers and their families.

But this budget is just the latest in a long line of broken promises and betrayals.