Brown Takes to Senate Floor to Urge GM to Honor the Dignity of Work

Senator: All Workers Have the Right to Stand Up for Fairer Compensation, Better Working Conditions and Increased Investments in Local Plants

Senate Floor Speech for UAM Strike

*Download production quality video of Senator Brown’s remarks HERE.* 

WASHINGTON, D.C. — U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) took to the Senate floor last night to urge GM and UAW to continue working together toward a bargaining agreement that honors the Dignity of Work after GM autoworkers across the country went on strike, as they push GM for fairer compensation and working conditions.

Brown’s remarks on the Senate Floor, as prepared for delivery, are below:

Mr./Madame President,

Today I hope my colleagues will join me in standing in solidarity with thousands of UAW workers in Ohio and around the country, who are going without their paychecks today as they demand GM respect the work they do to make their company successful.

All workers have the right to stand up for fair pay and benefits, better working conditions, and a voice in their company.

Because let’s be clear – autoworkers are the engine behind GM’s success.

GM wouldn’t be making a dime in profit without the workers who actually make their cars and trucks.

Autoworkers stood up and made sacrifices to help save GM when times were tough. We all remember the depths of the recession – UAW workers stood behind GM when some people in this town wanted to abandon the company.

Now that times are good, all workers are asking for is their fair share.

So far, GM has not treated these workers as the critical partners they are in our auto industry.

Look at what GM has done in Lordstown.

The company shut down its most productive plant in North America, and laid off hundreds of workers – all while announcing they’re going to build the Blazer in Mexico.

They could retool the Lordstown plant and build the Blazer in Ohio.

We know they have plenty of money to work with – they earned higher-than-expected profits in the first quarter of this year, after the tax windfall President Trump gifted to them.

All these workers are asking to share in those profits. To have a voice in their company.

GM made the decision to close Lordstown and other plants around the country with no input from workers – the workers who earned those profits for the company. 

Now workers are standing up and fighting for increased investments in their local communities.

We know that strikes are always a last resort for workers. The wife of one GM worker posted online, “I can only pray this strike is short.”

These workers want to do their jobs, they don’t want to be on the picket lines. They want to reach a solution that honors their work

GM needs to agree to a contract that honors the Dignity of Work, and recognizes the autoworkers, communities, and families who all help drive the success of the auto industry in Ohio and across the country.