WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) today announced that he will be joined at the State of the Union address next week by Dave Green. Dave Green served as the United Auto Workers Local 1112 President for the now-shuttered GM Plant in Lordstown. Over the last two years, GM laid off roughly 4,500 workers between the three shifts at the plant.

Green now lives in Indiana, after being forced to relocate away from Lordstown after GM shuttered the plant. Like hundreds of other Lordstown workers, Green relocated to a different plant at an immense cost to his family and livelihood.

“President Trump has betrayed workers at every turn. The workers at Lordstown helped create GM’s financial success and, instead of fighting to save these jobs, the President sided with corporations and gave companies like GM massive tax breaks to shut down American factories and ship jobs overseas,” said Sen. Brown. “We need to do better to honor the dignity of work in this country – and we can start by putting workers like Dave at the center of our tax and trade policies. If you love this country, you fight for the people who make it work.”

“I am honored to be Senator Brown's guest at the SOTU address. Knowing that all politicians are not the same, Senator Brown has stood with working folks his entire career. Unlike President Trump who has turned his back on working families and their communities, Senator Brown continues to fight for the least privileged. Corporations need to focus more on the communities they do business in as opposed to shareholder returns. People are worth more than a paycheck,” said Dave Green.

In 2018, J.D. Power ranked the Lordstown plant as number one for the highest quality production among GM’s facilities. Despite this ranking, under the 2017 Republican tax bill, championed by President Trump, companies were rewarded with a lower tax rate when shipping American jobs overseas. Brown urged the President to help fight this decision by GM, which he failed to do over the last two years. Instead, the President blamed workers and took to Twitter to ridicule people like Dave Green. Brown and Senator Portman (R-OH) urged GM to instead invest their profits back into Lordstown. 

Brown also pushed the President to support his American Cars American Jobs Act, which would get rid of these incentives for auto manufacturers to close American factories and send jobs overseas. The Toledo Blade editorialized that Brown’s bill would “put America and American workers first.”