Brown Urges Diebold To Scrap Proposal To Offshore Jobs, Keep Positions In Summit County

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Following a recent story in the Akron Beacon Journal that reported that Diebold Inc. planned to move up to 200 information technology and other “back office” jobs to India over the next two years, U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) sent a letter to Diebold urging the president and CEO, Thomas Swidarski, to work with Brown’s office to explore whether Diebold could keep these jobs in Summit County as opposed to moving them offshore.

“There are thousands of Ohioans that would welcome the opportunity to apply for a job at Diebold, one of Northeast Ohio’s largest and most successful companies. In fact, it’s Ohio workers that have helped make Diebold a household name,” Brown said. “I urge Diebold to do all it can to preserve these much-needed jobs in Summit County, and I stand ready to work with the company to do whatever it takes to keep these jobs in Ohio.”

The full text of the letter is below.


Thomas W. Swidarski

President and Chief Executive Officer


5995 Mayfair Road
North Canton, OH 44720


Dear Mr. Swidarski:


According to last Thursday’s Akron Beacon Journal article, your company is looking to off-shore “back office” jobs due to a potential skills shortage.  In the interest of your staff and your company, I request that Diebold’s personnel professionals work with my office to explore whether Diebold could perform this work in Ohio instead of shipping jobs offshore.


Each year, I bring together the presidents of Ohio’s two- and four-year colleges – state universities, two-year community colleges, and private colleges – to have productive discussions on issues confronting our state, their students, and Ohio employers.  Given these partnerships, I believe that my office could coordinate a collaborative approach to address Diebold’s skill issues, while keeping work in Ohio.  Additional information would be necessary for us to bring together the appropriate schools with your staff to see if, together, we could meet your company needs in Ohio. 


Increasingly, my office is working with colleges, the Edison Center network, and companies to in-source work and bring work back to our shores.  These companies – which are bringing jobs back to Ohio – recognize the quality and capabilities of the world-class workforce provided by our top-quality schools.  These schools may very well meet your needs, enabling you to keep this work in Ohio. 


I ask that you have the appropriate Diebold staff member contact my state director, John Ryan, at 216-522-7272 as soon as possible so we can secure the necessary information to bring together the schools that can best help your company.  I look forward to working with Diebold to resolve this issue.


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