Brown: We Have No Choice But to Convict

Despite Blocking Witnesses and Documents, Impeachment Case Makes Clear that President Trump Abused His Power by Extorting a Foreign Government for His Own Political Gain; Brown will Speak on Senate Floor this Afternoon about His Decision

WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) today announced he will vote to convict and remove President Trump after his impeachment trial demonstrated that the President abused his power by extorting a political favor from a foreign government in order to bolster his own political campaign, and then obstructed Congress as he blocked witnesses from his Administration from testifying in front of the American people.

Brown vowed to be an impartial juror from the beginning of this trial. He pushed for witnesses and documents to be included, so the American public could hear all of the evidence and Senators could weigh the facts of the case. The President’s and the GOP’s actions of blocking evidence denied the American people a chance to hear the full truth. Without additional witnesses, and based on the facts presented by the House Managers, Brown will vote to convict.

Brown will speak on the Senate Floor this afternoon and provide his reasoning for this decision.

“Over the course of this trial we heard overwhelming evidence that President Trump did things Richard Nixon never did – he extorted a bribe from a foreign leader, to put his own presidential campaign above the American people he swore an oath to serve. If we acquit this President, it sets a clear, dangerous precedent – that you can abuse your office, and Congress will look the other way,” said Brown. “One of our fundamental American values is that we have no kings, no nobility, no oligarchs in this country – no matter how rich, no matter how powerful, everyone can and should be held accountable. This trial and this vote are about more than just President Trump. This is about the future of our democracy. I hope my colleagues will choose courage over fear. I hope they will put country over party. I hope they will join me in holding this President accountable to the American people we all took an oath to serve.”