WASHINGTON, D.C. – Following today’s news of a path forward for votes on a trade package, Brown issued the following statement and called on President Obama to veto the Fast Track legislation if he does not first sign the Customs bill which includes critical trade enforcement measures:

“It’s critical that we vote on enhanced trade enforcement before Congress gives up its ability to amend the largest trade deal ever negotiated,” Brown said. “By voting on increased trade enforcement before fast track authority, we can give American workers and American manufacturers a fighting chance. We can crack down on countries that manipulate their currency to give their exports a price advantage over American-made products. We can give the steel industry and others new tools to fight back when foreign imports undercut their business. And we can put an end to the unacceptable practice of importing certain products made with forced or child labor.

“But if we do these bills separately, rather than as a package, the President should veto the fast track bill if he has not yet signed the trade enforcement legislation.”

Brown’s Leveling the Playing Field Act, which would increase the ability of U.S. industries to fight back against unfair trade, is included in the customs bill. In addition to the Leveling the Playing Field Act, Brown helped pass several amendments, including an amendment to crack down on currency manipulation and an amendment that would eliminate an exemption in current law that allows the U.S. to import certain products produced with forced or child labor. Brown also introduced 81 critical amendments to the fast track bill. More information can be found here.