Following President Trump’s False Claims, Brown Demands Answers on President’s Disbanding of White House Team Focused On Global Health Security

President Trump Fired Team Focused on Global Health Security and Pandemic Response in 2018; More than 600 Days Ago, Brown Wrote to Trump Demanding Answers

WASHINGTON. DC – Today, during a White House press conference, President Trump said he took “no responsibility” for disbanding the National Security Council (NSC) office in charge of preparing for potential outbreaks – the Global Health Security unit. The President even denied he disbanded the office in 2018 and blamed it on his staff. U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) today demanded answers from the President following these false claims.

In 2018, following the news that this group would be disbanded, Brown wrote to President Trump urging him to reconsider this decision and reaffirm his commitment to global health security by taking immediate action to designate senior-level personnel to focus on global health security and prepare for the next pandemic threat.

“More than 600 days ago, I wrote to President Trump demanding answers after he got rid of the entire White House global health security team. We are less prepared today because of his systemic cuts to programs like this and the CDC, and his constant sabotage of our healthcare system,” said Brown.

In that 2018 letter, Brown wrote: “In our globalized world, where diseases are never more than a plane ride away, we must do all we can to prepare for the next, inevitable outbreak and keep Americans safe from disease. I urge you to act swiftly in reaffirming your commitment to global health security by taking immediate action to designate senior-level NSC personnel to focus on global health security, supporting adequate and appropriate funding for global health security initiatives, and leading the way in preparing for the next pandemic threat.”

A copy of Senator Brown’s 2018 letter can be found HERE.