WASHINGTON, D.C -- In case you missed it, CBS This Morning ran a story today after visiting Lordstown to talk with Sens. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) and Rob Portman (R-OH), as well as members of the community, about General Motor’s decision to close its Lordstown plant. Brown and Portman have been working together to push GM to do the right thing and bring a new product to its Lordstown factory. CBS This Morning talked to several Ohioans who underscored the devastation the plant closing would have on the area and the importance of continuing to fight for these jobs.

“Democrat Sherrod Brown and Republican Rob Portman are from different parties but are friends and share a talent for working a room and a desire to keep the plant open,” said Steve Inskeep reporting for CBS This Morning.

  • Watch the full interview HERE.

Brown and Portman have led the charge to stand up for Lordstown workers and to push GM to do right by its workers, bring a new product to Lordstown, and give workers the dignity and respect they deserve.

The Senators met with GM CEO Mary Barra in December and urged GM to work with them to save Lordstown jobs. After the meeting, both Senators followed up with a letter pressing GM to bring a new product to Lordstown and give workers and the community the answers they deserve. In December, the Senators penned a joint op-ed in Fox Business calling on General Motors to change course on its decision to shut down production at its Lordstown plant.

Both Senators Brown and Portman will keep pushing GM to provide the Lordstown community the answers it deserves and have urged GM to work with them to save these Lordstown jobs.